Hi I'm Bill 👋

I will keep you accountable to stick with your creator goals. Are you a beginning creator, and serious about wanting to grow your audience?

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Serious beginners only

Bill is a friendly and helpful guy, but also very strict. So only join if you're really motivated.

You'll get a bill

This will help to keep you accountable.

Two strikes out

We're looking for serious participants only.

We're in this together

Bill is here to help you, and genuinely hopes you’ll achieve your goals!

How does it work?

Our awesome features
Tell me about your goal

First, I want to know everything about your goal. Our commitment is for one year: what is your goal for this year?

Our awesome features
I will keep you accountable

I will monitor your progress, and remind you about upcoming deadlines when necessary.

Our awesome features
I will support you

I will encourage you, think along with you and cheer for you. And not only I will help you, but I'll also connect you with other participants so you can support each other too.

Our awesome features
Show up to stay

When you miss your goal, you have to leave and you won't get your money back. If you persist, you can stay.


Why people join

Real commitment

I'm looking for serious beginner creators only. Therefore you have to pay, so there's something on the line. As long as you stick with your goal you keep access. But if you miss your goal, you'll have to leave and won't get your money back.

Grow your audience
  • Support from Bill
  • Access to the community
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